Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Getting Fyfeshire ready for Living History Day

A volunteer maintenance crew cleared trails on Saturday in preparation for Living History Day on April 28.  Here are a few photos documenting their work.  Many thanks to all four for working so hard to make hiking easier and more enjoyable for all.

From left: Leonid Ablavsky of Wattaquadock Hill Rd., Tatenda Mudeke (Ablavsky family friend visiting from Boston), Alex Ablavsky, and Rona Balco of Green Rd., Bolton clear a tree that had fallen into the small pond. 

Before:  This is the tree that had partially fallen into the small pond.

Leonid and Tatenda haul the tree out of the water.
The tree has to be trimmed and cut into smaller bits to move.
Alex hauls a log from the tree to the woodpile.
Rona wields the chain saw to cut the tree into smaller logs.
The cut trunk reveals a colony of ants.

After:  Here's the same view after the crew cleared the tree away.

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