What is Fyfeshire?

The Fyfeshire Conservation Area is located on Wattaquadock Hill Rd.  The 31-acre tract was given as a gift to the town of Bolton by Helen L. Plummer in 1969.  Its name comes from an area in Scotland where her ancestors, the Fyfes, originated.  The area contains some beautiful trails along a small and a large pond, and picturesque sitting areas. and the restored dam of an old button mill.  The main trail out to the large pond dam passes over an arched bridge spanning a smaller pond, with a restored dam and foundation of an old button mill to the right.  The trail is quite wide and pleasant, and all the trails on the property offer water glimpses.  Several uncommon species, such as white cedar, black gum, and tupelo, grow on the property.  Fyfeshire is accessed through a lovely stone arch located on the south side of Wattaquadock Hill Rd, across from its intersection with Ballville Rd.  Park in front of the arch. 

Photo gallery: A virtual stroll through the area

Enter the area through the gateway on Wattaquadock Hill Rd., opposite Ballville.

If you take the side path off to your right, you will come to this long bridge built over a seasonal stream as an Eagle Scout project. 

If you go straight through the gate, you come to the small pond, where you might like to sit on this bench for a moment while the kids skip rocks.

Continue along the path over the bridge above the restored dam of an old button mill.  (See history for details.)

The sound of the water rushing over the dam can be mesmerizing.

In winter crazy patterns form in the ice around the dam.

The large pond comes into view on the right as you continue along the path.

In winter the pond is frozen over.

Sunrise and sunset are particularly beautiful times to visit.

At the far end of the pond, you come to the dam that is the center of attention.  Here is a photo taken during repairs in 1995.  Note the crack in the wall on the right side.