Fyfeshire is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including Blandings turtles, a threatened species.  Many types of birds use the larger pond for food and respite, and an immature bald eagle was recently sighted in the area. Several uncommon plant species, such as white cedar, black gum and tupelo grow on the property.

Blanding's turtle is a threatened species that  makes its home
in the Fyfeshire conservation area

One stated reason for dam removal is to restore habitat for fish species by creating cooler water flows and fewer barriers.  This is a laudable goal, one supported by the fishing industry. In this case, however, low flows and a number of remaining barriers both upstream and downstream make it unlikely that fish will return in large numbers.  And what of the unexpected consequences when we destroy a well-established ecosystem?    Removing the dam and draining the ponds will seriously impact the wildlife who call Fyfeshire home with only questionable gains in terms of fish populations. 

For more on the benefits of the fresh water marsh that is the Fyfeshire Pond, see Rona Balco's March 11 letter to the editor on the Bolton Common website.