Sunday, April 22, 2012

Consultant presents proposal to lower dam crest

This Saturday 1-3 p.m.: Fyfeshire Living History Day

Last Tuesday, the Conservation Commission hosted a presentation at Town Hall by Christopher Cullen, Engineering Consultant at Fuss and O’Neil, to discuss the proposal to lower the dam crest.  Cullen went through the relevant history of the project:  the state’s determination that the dam is unsafe and that the town needs to do something about it, the past proposals to remove or repair the dam, and the latest proposal to lower the crest of the dam. (For more about this proposal, see posting New alternative would keep the Fyfeshire Ponds intact.)

In addition to making the pond safer, Cullen pointed out that this latest proposal, called “partial dam removal,”

-         Is the least expensive alternative of the three
-         Removes the dam from state jurisdiction
-         Maintains normal pond water levels

The Bolton Board of Selectmen has voted unanimously in favor of this option. The town will vote on this proposal at Town Meeting on May 7—it is item #14 on the warrant.  (See posting Fyfeshire Dam to be discussed at Town Meeting)  The Group for the Preservation of Fyfeshire Ponds supports this proposal and encourages all eligible Bolton residents to go to town meeting and vote "Yes" on #14.

Cullen’s Powerpoint presentation is not yet available on the town website--we will update this posting to link to it when it becomes available.  The meeting was recorded and you can view it at this link:   Conservation Commission meeting.

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