Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pond party photos

The Pond Party that took place on April 2 was lots of fun.  Kids had a chance to pet a live snake, look at a live yellow spotted salamander, identify molds of animal paws  and taste "scat" samples (not to worry, they were raisenettes and tootsie roles) while adults admired Rona Balco's hand carved artwork, enjoyed a slide show detailing the history and beauty of Fyfeshire Conservation area, and studied animal skeletons and pelts.  Check out the photos below.
On another subject, the Bolton Common included a letter to the editor in which a reader expressed feeling "duped" by the Conservation Commission presentation of two videos at the Bolton Library: 
“Restoring America’s Rivers: Preparing for the Future” and “Taking a Second Look: Communities and Dams.” In fact, the name of the second video is Taking a Second Look:  Communities and Dam Removal.  The Conservation Commission has every right to present their views, but changing the title in this manner is misleading.

Read more: Bolton Common Letters to the Editor: April 1-April 7, 2011 - Bolton, MA - The Bolton Common

Admiring Rona Balco's woodcarvings.

Kids making animal paw prints in clay.

From left: State representative Kate Hogan with artist Rona Balco.